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Pokemon Black and White gets a release date

Pokemon Black and White finally has a release date and will be reaching North American shores on March 6, 2011. As usual there is a whole list of new Pokemon to add to your Pokedex and also a new region to explore.

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3DS Pre-orders available at GameStop

Even though the 3DS has yet to have a release date or price tag tacked on to it over here in North America, GameStop has started accepting pre-orders on the system.

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Steam’s Epic Holiday Sale!

So for the last couple of weeks, Steam has been promoting it’s annual holiday sale. For those unfamiliar, Steam is a digital distribution platform owned by the Valve Corporation who has produced blockbuster titles such as the Half-Life series, Counter-strike, and Team Fortress 1 and 2. Great deals are to be had pretty much everywhere.

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Nintendo to hold Press Conference on January 19

Nintendo is going to be holding a press conference early next year on January 19, 2011 in Amsterdam and in New York for the 3DS.

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