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Last Story “Gathering” Commerical (Japan)

Neat commercial depicting the “gathering” gameplay mechanic and its usefulness in game.

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What if Pokemon were all cosplaying girls?

Seems like this was the question in an Poke-artist’s (sure why not call them that), as they transformed all 493 Pokemon into cosplaying girls. Its a little dated as there are no new Pokemon from the Black and White versions on the DS ( this was made in 2008). Nonetheless, perhaps this will inspire a new meaning to the phrase Gotta Catch ’em All.

(via Geekologie and Escapist Magazine)

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Internet Usage Limit Enforced in Ontario

UBB or Usage Based Billing has finally been passed and will come into effect on March 1, 2011. Continue reading

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3DS eShop to be ready for May

The 3DS eShop is going to be launched in May with the first firmware update for the system. Continue reading

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New Kirby Game Coming To The Wii

Kirby has been getting lots of love recently with Kirby’s Epic Yarn and of course a newly announced Wii title. Continue reading

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Google Android Phones To Get PSN Store

Android phones running 2.3 Gingerbread and higher are to gain access to the PlayStation Network Store and also the PlayStation Suite, which means Android users will have access to PS1 and PlayStation Quality games, states Sony. Continue reading

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New PS3 Firmware Kills Hack

The most current PS3 firmware kills the recent hack that fail0verflow had released. According to PlayStation Blog, the newest firmware, 3.56, is a security patch with a new encryption key to deter homebrew and hacking on the PS3. Continue reading

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Nintendo Keeps the Wii-Streak Going for 2011

Looks like the Wii will have more than Zelda Skyward Sword and more Japanese titles released in 2011. With plans to release new games for their Pokemon and Kirby(quick teaser for Kirby game here)  franchises. Nintendo has set up a teaser site for a new original IP on the Wii for 2011 currently titled “Pandora’s Tower”(link here) Good to see that Nintendo still seems to be supporting the Wii through 2011, now if they could just localize some more of those Japan only games.

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IBM is Legendary

This is a very informative short film on the history of IBM. Here is a tech firm that has truly helped the development of society through innovations in the fields of business, healthcare, education, and more! Whether it is Thinkpads (now owned by Lenovo) or SAP (an business solutions company) or even bar-codes and scan-trons. IBM has affected our lives in one way or another.

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Broken Fuse Podcast Episode #17 This Saturday!

Broken Fuse is going to be streaming live this Saturday at 10PM EST. Join us here for the latest in gaming news.

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