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Hackers claim to be selling PSN

It seems that security researchers have spotted hackers trying to sell illegally obtained PlayStation Network Data. Continue reading

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Sony conducts investigation, confirms user info and confidentiality compromised

That’s a lot of “cons.”

As most of you are already aware, the Playstation Network (PSN) is still down since it was taken offline on April 20, 2011 one week earlier. Continue reading

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Youtube Tuesday: Mario Beatboxing

The video was taken from Japanese beatboxer Hikaru Kaihatsu’s youtube channel. This Mario beatbox remix is pretty neat!

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Pandora’s Tower Continues to Intrigue

The game was first unveiled towards the end of January 2011 with a teaser image, and a few words from the game’s heroine, posted on a Nintendo teaser site. In Early April (the week of April 6th), Nintendo intrigued us further by unveiling a new trailer for what looks to be an action rpg game. Continue reading

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Wii 2 a.k.a. Project Café is official and will be unveiled at E3 2011

Nintendo has broken the news to us that there is now an official successor to the Wii. As most of us know, it’s better known by its codename of Project Café. Continue reading

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Tokyopop Shuts Down North American Publishing Division




On April 15th 2011, Tokyopop  announced the closure of its North American publishing division. Continue reading

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Free League of Legends Credit

If you’ve been playing League of Legends for a while, you would have received an email similar to the one above. Continue reading

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Star Fox 64 3D Launches on July 14th

Set Arwings to all range mode and “Do a Barrel Roll!”. Star Fox 64 3D is coming July 14th, in Japan. Nintendo has just dropped the release date on the game’s homepage here

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Leaked Photos of Nintendo Project Cafe

I am pretty sure this is fake but you never know with these things (ps3 slim leaks ended up being true). All I can say is that the controllers look awfully expensive! Continue reading

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Youtube Tuesday: Nerd Rage

I’m sure all of us have gotten pissed off at a game at some point or another but this dude needs a whole bottle of chill pills!

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