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Jul 29 2011

Bose QC15 Headset Review

In need of a good headset? Why not check out the Bose QC15 headset! Continue reading

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Jul 26 2011

Youtube Tuesday: Final Fantasy VII Stop Motion

Awesomeness captured in stop motion!

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Jul 25 2011

Avatar Korra!!!11111

Can’t F***ing Wait!

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Jul 23 2011

League of Legends Kayle Rework!

Every once in a while, LoL will rework champions to keep things interesting. With Kayle, she is getting some new animations, new(er) skins, and ability modifications. Continue reading

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Jul 20 2011

Operation Rainfall, The Time For Localization is Now!

To Nintendo of North America, the time for game localization is now. There are currently 3 major Japanese titles that have been released over the past year and a bit, games that a collective of passionate gamers believe, that will offer them the promise of “something”. Continue reading

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Jul 19 2011

Youtube Tuesday: Duck Dodgers – The Green Loontern

I dunno what it is with the Loonie Tunes characters but it hearkens back to a simpler times for me, maybe cause I watched those cartoons all the time on weekends back in the day.

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Jul 16 2011


The Nintendo Netflix partnership is starting to take effect. The 3DS now has Netflix (downloadable through eShop). Continue reading

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Jul 12 2011

Youtube Tuesday: Snott Pilgrim

Parody galore for this week’s Youtube Tuesday!

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Jul 09 2011

Steam Summer Camp Sale

So the Steam sale is almost over. For those of you that missed out on the first week or so, no worries as Steam usually has some major deals on the last few days. This is usually the case with massive bundle sales and big savings off some hot games. Check it out here!

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Jul 05 2011

Youtube Tuesday: Shaun of the Dead in 60 seconds

Shaun of the Dead done in 60 seconds a la Bryan Lee O’Malley. Pretty cool, no?

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