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Oct 31 2011

A Sister’s Eulogy For Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs’s sister Mona Simpson wrote a moving eulogy for him and has been published in the New York Times. A short excerpt from her eulogy can be found after the break. Continue reading

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Oct 31 2011

6 Halloween Games I Recommend Checking Out

Today is Halloween, and as gamers we are blessed with an entertainment medium that offers MANY great games to get into the spirit. Continue reading

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Oct 28 2011

What are you playing this halloween weekend?

I’ll be playing some Left 4 Dead 2 and a random Resident Evil title I pull off my shelf after a halloween party I’m heading to tonight. What will you be doing or playing this halloween weekend?

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Oct 27 2011

Steam Halloween Sale!

Woot Woot! Steam is having a sale once again and in getting ready for Halloween, almost all “horror” games are on sale. Continue reading

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Oct 27 2011

3DS Gets A Steering Wheel

If you thought the Circle Pad Pro was a horrible 3DS add on, this one outdoes it by a long shot! Continue reading

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Oct 26 2011

Broken Fuse VG Podcast Episode 28

Well here we are again with a fresh new episode of Broken Fuse VG Podcast! Continue reading

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Oct 25 2011

Diablo 3 Collector’s Edition

Blizzard loves releasing collector’s editions of their games as something special for their hardcore fans. Continue reading

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Oct 24 2011

Youtube Tuesday: Star Wars Episode 1 Bloopers

This made my day!

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Oct 23 2011

Apple Memorial: “Celebrating Steve Jobs”

Apple’s Steve Jobs’ memorial is now made available to the public. If you would like to watch it, we have a link to it here!

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Oct 21 2011

3DS November Update Details

Finally another system firmware that adds functionality to a device! Continue reading

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