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Youtube Tuesday: A Link To The Past ad

Back in the day, dance routines like this was acceptable in Japan for ads. Definitely wouldn’t get away with this today!

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Wii U To Include NFC And Nintendo Contemplating Name Change For Console

The Wii U is well on its way to becoming Nintendo’s next generation of home consoles. Continue reading

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If you think SOPA and PIPA were bad, meet their big brother, ACTA!

If you thought SOPA and PIPA were bad and that it was all over with, I hate to be he harbinger of bad news but ACTA is their big brother and it’s a lot worse! Continue reading

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Mega Man and Pac Man confirmed for Street Fighter X Tekken

Mega Man and Pac Man make a cameo appearance in the PS3 and PS Vita versions of Street Fighter X Tekken.

Continue reading

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Toronto Teens Send Lego Man Into Space

Two weeks ago, two teens from Toronto, Canada launched a weather balloon into space! Continue reading

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Xbox Next Gen Console To Be 6x More Powerful

So it looks like leaked info strikes again! Continue reading

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Youtube Tuesday: The Bark Side: 2012 Volkswagen Game Day Commercial

This is just pure awesome! There is  nothing better than dogs barking the Imperial March!

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Toronto Comic Arts Festival

If you’re into the world of comics and happen to be living in Toronto and surrounding area, check out the Toronto Comic Arts Festival aka TCAF for short. Continue reading

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Capcom confirms Resident Evil 6

Capcom has confirmed Resident Evil 6 and will be released on Nov 20, 2012. Leon S. Kennedy and Chris Redfield are confirmed to be playable characters in the game. Ada Wong appears in the trailer and should make a cameo somewhere in the game as well. Anyone looking forward to shooting up some zombies?

(Source: IGN)

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New Kid Icarus Trailer!

Anyone excited for it? On a side note, Europe and Japan get the classic Kid Icarus game for free while it is only available as a pre-order bonus here in North America.

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