Feb 21 2012

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Youtube Tuesday: Zelda singing Ballad of the Goddess in reverse

Should’ve posted this sooner but Zelda fans, you should be able to pick out what this is!

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  1. Holly

    One of the many subtle ways Skyward Sword ties into Ocarina of Time and most other Zelda games. I love that Nintendo didn’t just give us a bunch of straightforward relationships between Skyward Sword and the other Zelda games. Series fans had to think about some things. I mean, Zelda being the goddess and all, the connection of the Ballad of the Goddess and Zelda’s Lullaby is genius.

  2. Markus Lai

    It’s definitely a good spin on a musical phrase that we all know as Zelda’s Lullaby. This stuff interests me as a music nerd/band geek as well as a gamer cause the music can be really intricate, yet simple enough to play around with. A string of notes played in reverse or inversely changes the character of the musical phrase, but makes for interesting and beautiful music. Sorry if all this music jargon totally blows over your heads but the inner musician had to get it out! lol

  3. Holly

    Oh you’re not alone! Music runs in the family. I’ve been taking piano lessons from my mom since I was five. Band, choir, guitar…so no worries! Haha!

  4. Markus Lai

    Oh nice! I played for ~13 years til I graduated High School almost 5 years ago and haven’t played much since but is still something I enjoy doing. Had a band alumni meetup last night and my embouchure is pretty sore from (sight)reading a couple of pieces.

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