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Google Maps Goes 8-bit!

If you haven’t noticed, Google Maps on the computer has the option of going 8-bit for those who want to check it out, especially those who have an affinity for old school/retro graphics! All you need to do is to click the icon in the top right and switch it to Quest!

[UPDATE: APRIL 2, 2012] It seems this 8-bit feature has been taken off Google Maps after the weekend and was one of those April Fools jokes. It was a pretty neat feature to have. I’m hoping Google puts it back into their Maps function as a fun way to go about using their maps even though 8-bit maps may not be something that will be used every time someone looks up a location or directions.

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Scott Pilgrim Comics Arriving This Summer In Colour!

Copyright – Oni Press & Bryan Lee O’ Malley

If you’re a fan of Bryan Lee O’ Malley and/or Scott Pilgrim, you’ll be glad to hear that Scot Pilgrim comics will be starting to arrive this summer as a hard cover colour comic until 2014!

(Source: Bryan Lee O’ Malley’s Tumblr and Comic Book Resources)

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The 3DS: A Year In

It’s been a full year since the 3DS made its North American debut. The first few months of ownership was a bit rough as games were scarce and few and far in between. Thankfully once the Fall season kicked in and we were seeing alot more quality games come out for the spunky little device. Continue reading

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Retro Gaming: A Retro-spective Look At Our Past

After the last podcast I just did with Markus, it got me thinking that we should go back to the classic. The talk about Pokemon going back to Generation One (Red,Blue and Yellow) and Two (Gold,Silver and Crystal) as Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time and then, I got the idea to play Super Mario Bros. 3 on the NES. Continue reading

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Broken Fuse VG Podcast Episode 35

John joins me this week as we discuss retro gaming

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Premium Opportunity for Collectors

Konami released a Yugioh 2012 Premium Collection Tin featuring never before seen cards used by characters throughout the 4 generations of Yugioh anime and manga. Each tin will give 1 Elemental HERO The Shining, 1 Number 34: Terror-Byte, 4 random secret rares and 8 super rare cards. It’s the perfect set for those looking to fill out their collection binder.

(Source: Yugioh Wikia)

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The Legend of Korra Awakens Saturday

On March 24th, thanks to fan support, you can watch the first official revealing of the series tomorrow online on Korra Nation. The series is scheduled to air on Nickelodeon April 14th.
Check out Korra Nation and Last Airbender Fans for more information!

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Youtube Tuesday: Skyward Sword Trailer Literal

This never ceases to make my day!

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New Neo-Geo X Handheld Confirmed

A New Challenger Has Arrived! Continue reading

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Diablo III launching May 15, pre-orders on sale!

MMORPG fans, start your computers! Diablo III finally has a release date and its hitting store shelves May 15 and pre-orders are on sale now! Looks like Blizzard finally put a release date and let’s hope there aren’t any more delays to it!

(Source: Gamasutra)

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