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New North American Zelda Symphony Dates

If you haven’t checked out the site for Zelda Symphony, there are some new concert dates and locations, or you could check our page too!

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Atari Turns 40!

Atari turns a ripe young age of 40 today! If you remember owning an Atari 2600 in the 80s, you’ve definitely stuck around for quite a while! Celebrating 40 years, Atari has a 4 day giveaway on their Facebook Page. What are some of your favourite games made by Atari?

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Youtube Tuesday: Vizio All-in-One

Vizio is moving into the computer market and it looks like they are bringing some heat! With a price point at just over $1000, this is sure to attract a huge following. I really want that trackpad!

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What Are Your Summer Plans?

Summer has officially arrived and that usually means family trips to the beach/cottage, road trips, time spent away from home or bunkering down in a nerd cave. Continue reading

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Nintendo To Team Up With Namco Bandai To Make Smash Bros

A New Challenger Approaches! Namco Bandai to make new Smash Bros

So it looks like for the first time ever that Super Smash Bros. will bring in new blood from the partnership for the 3DS version with some help from top creators from Namco Bandai. What do you think of this idea of bringing on third party devs to do first party games?

(Source: Gamasutra)

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Nintendo 3DS XL Officially Announced

Last night’s Nintendo Direct revealed the slightly revamped 3DS model with 90% bigger screens, better battery life, a 4GB SD card and will come in both blue and red, while Europe will be enjoying a silver version as well. Continue reading

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Toronto Comic Arts Festival 2013 Dates Set

Comic book fans in the Greater Toronto area, clear your calendars for May 11 and 12! Continue reading

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Final Fantasy 7 headed to Steam?

A leaked product description suggests that Final Fantasy 7 could be headed to Steam. Continue reading

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Blizzard thinks StarCraft on Wii U ‘Might Work’

StarCraft II’s lead designer Dustin Browder thinks that the Wii U could let a game like StarCraft work on a console. Continue reading

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Youtube Tuesday: Surface

A very well made promo of the upcoming microsoft tablet featuring Windows 8, a “Type Cover”, and a vapour-deposited magnesium case.

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