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Youtube Tuesday: Miyamoto’s Angels

Spoofs on well known franchises are always cool, and this time on Youtube Tuesday, we feature Miyamoto’s Angels, a Nintendo x Charlie’s Angels mashup!

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New March 2013 ban list

Yugioh players would want to start their deck adjustments for the new ban list. It is made official by Konami and is effective March 1, 2013.

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More Zelda Tour Dates!

zelda_symphonyMore dates for Zelda Symphony of the Goddesses after the break! Looks like I might hit up the Toronto date for a second time! Continue reading

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Youtube Tuesday: Wreck It Ralph 60 Second Live Action Recap

This week’s video features a live-action version of 60 second recap of last year’s highly popular Wreck It Ralph!

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From the Vault: Twenty

To celebrate Magic the Gathering’s 20th anniversary, Wizards will reprint 20 cards in foil for their latest From the Vault series. The 20 cards are carefully selected as key cards that made an impact on Magic tournaments over the years. The 20 card collection will be made available on August 23, 2013 with an approximate retail value of $40.

(Source: Wizards.com)

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3DS Black Screen of Death

Well unexpectedly my launch 3DS has gone kaput on me tonight and has given me the black screen of death and is not booting up properly and freezes when I try to do a turn off and hit the home button.

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Broken Fuse Podcast: Episode 44 – The Valentines Nintendo Direct Episode

Nintendo DirectThis week, Harley joins me to recap Nintendo’s offings in this Valentines Edition with discussions of the most recent Nintendo Direct news items. Also I apologize if I sound a little off  in this episode as I’m fending off a runny nose and a cough that’s been bothering me this week.

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What 2013 Games Are You Looking Forward To Most?

Navy_binoculars2013 should be a big year for all systems, especially those under Nintendo’s umbrella. What are the games you’re most looking forward to? Some of mines are Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon and Pokemon X & Y

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Youtube Tuesday: John Williams Is the Man

I know we’ve featured this song here on the site on a previous Youtube Tuesday but this version is actually a pretty awesome version with alot of footage from the films!

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We’re On Instagram!

We’re now on Instagram! Give us a follow here!

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