Mar 25 2013

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Nintendo Themed Park Not Impossible

mario kartWell it looks like Miyamoto’s not shooting down the rumour train, as ABC recently asked Miyamoto if he would consider a physical park instead of the digital park that is Nintendo Land. Though Nintendo is focusing on their own hardware and software development, Miyamoto says that a Nintendo themed park isn’t as far fetched as it seems.

ABC: “Nintendo Land” very much teased us, and everyone wants to actually go to Nintendo Land in person. Have you ever been approached about a Mario theme-park, or is that ever something you would consider in real life?

Miyamoto: Certainly, with Nintendo being in the entertainment industry, there may come some point in the future where that might become a possibility. But right now we’ve got our hands full creating our digital products. Certainly, it’s not an impossibility.

(Source: My Nintendo News)

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