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Pokemon Creative Director Does At Age 42

kanto startersThe Creative Design Director at Pokemon Company international, Eric Medalle, has passed away yesterday afternoon after an accident. Medalle was taking his daughter for a drive in a nearby park when a Douglas Fir was pushed over by high winds onto their SUV. His daughter only suffered minor injuries as a bystander pulled her out of the car.

Medalle was responsible for designing nearly every TCG logo so far and for the Dream Radar and XY logos. In addition to working as an artist for GEN IV and V mainline games, he has had a hand in some spinoffs like Pokemon Ranger and Pokemon Conquest.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Medalle’s family.

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Sony responds to Mocrosoft’s invite for crossplay

PS4Earlier this week, Microsoft announced plans to allow Xbox gamers to play against PC and PS4 players. Sony has responded that they are open to the idea. Though the response doesn’t directly answer whether Sony will work with Microsoft devs to enable the support between their respective consoles. Continue reading

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Fifth Indiana Jones Film On It’s Way

indiana-jones-5-reboot-movieSteven Spielberg and Harrison Ford are back again for the fifth installment of Indiana Jones. The film is slated for July 19, 2019. Harrison Ford will be reprising his role as Indiana Jones and Kathleen Kennedy and Frank Marshal are back to produce. Continue reading

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Twilight Princess HD Unboxing

If you don’t already know, Twilight Princess HD has just been released today in North America and it’s worth the wait. I have a few unboxing pics and a video as well. Continue reading

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Gorgeous Pokemon Theme Song Cover

kanto starters

Beatrice Martin, a Francophone Canadian artist released a beautifully done Pokemon Theme Song cover in honour of Pokemon’s 20th anniversary this year. Hope you’ll enjoy it!


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