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Sega Announces Mega Drive Classic

Mega_drive_Classic_console_largeYou could say they’ve still got a bit of that rivalry going! Not too long after Nintendo’s announcement of the NES Classic, Sega is launching an updated Mega Drive Clasic for Sonic’s 25th anniversary. It will have 80 built in games, play Mega Drive cartridges and comes with two wireless controllers. Continue reading

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NES Classic Edition

NES MiniNintendo recently announced that the NES Classic will be released Nivember 11 for $59.99 and will have HDMI out. The new controllers have a different plug, so the old classic controllers will not be compatible with the New NES. The new NES will be loaded with 30 games. Continue reading

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Pokemon Go Is Live!

Pokemon Go is available in the US, New Zealand and Australia for iOS and Android devices. Rollout to outher countries should be soon!

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