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PlayStation 3D Display Bundle $249.99

EB games (GameStop) is selling the PS 3DTV plus an extra pair of glasses and two games (Motorstorm and MLB – meh) for $249.99. Although I really don’t care too much for those games, this is still a pretty decent buy. The TV itself is 1080p with a 240Hz refresh and at 24 inches, it makes for a pretty decent computer monitor (or second monitor). Pretty sweet deal if you are looking for 3D or a new display.

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Anyone excited about Star Wars Episode 1 3D

Great franchise, but not so good beginnings of the Anakin Skywalker story. Anyone excited for The Phantom Menace 3D?

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The Nintendo Netflix partnership is starting to take effect. The 3DS now has Netflix (downloadable through eShop). Continue reading

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3DS Stylus – Why, Nintendo Why?

I recently picked up a 3DS and it is an absolute blast! AR cards are amazing, Face Raiders is a ton of fun, and the 3D photos are pretty cool. Continue reading

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3DS: First Impressions

So I’ve had my hands on the Aqua Blue 3DS for the past three days and all I’ve gotta say is if you don’t have one or aren’t getting one soon, you better find a friend that has it or a demo unit and try it out! Continue reading

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Nintendo 3DS Could Aid In Identifying Vision Problems

The 3DS now can add another feature to its list. U.S. eye specialists are welcoming the 3DS as a tool to help them catch vision problems like amblyopia (commonly known as “Lazy Eye”) and to help correct these things. This goes against the warning labels that Nintendo has put on the device, which are of course leaning on the side of caution like any other product. Now all thats left is for someone to make an app on the 3DSto compliment the device to help these specialists to diagnose these things.

(via Yahoo News)

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Star Wars Gets A 3D Release Date

Star Wars Episode I The Phantom Menace gets a release date of Feb 20, 2012. Now all those podraces, lightsaber duels and epic space dogfights will be shown in epic 3D in that galaxy far, far away. Now to wait for George Lucas to milk the franchise and release it as a 3D Blu Ray combo pack ten years from now.

(via Star Wars Official Site)

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3D makes people blink… ALOT!

Seems like everything is being made with 3D technology now. It’s like the HD of a few years back. Along with these new trends are those eager few who want to redefine the way we view 3D. Right now, most people associate 3D with glasses (you know, the ones that give you headaches). Nintendo has done away with the glasses in favour of a camera that tracks eye movement for the 3DS. Although this may seem cool, Mr. Francois here has found an even cooler way to watch 3D. Continue reading

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