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Nov 25 2014

Hilarious Responses to Nintendo’s Super Smash Roster

Even though most of Super Smash Bros’ roster is not as well known, it’s still good to know that Nintendo still has a good foothold among pop culture with their bigger titles. Still some of the responses gave me a good chuckle, like how Zero Suit Samus was referenced as Jennifer Lawrence and Kirby looked like a piece of gum.

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Sep 30 2014

Youtube Tuesday: Fistful of Rupees

In honour of Hyrule Warriors release just this past Friday, this week’s Youtube Tuesday is Fistful of Rupees, a three part Western spin on the classic Zelda story.  Continue reading

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Sep 10 2014

Youtube Tuesday – Fantasy Languages

A day late for this but I found this pretty neat.

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Feb 04 2014

Youtube Tuesday – Fly To Paradise

I know this song isn’t video game related, but I’ve had the chance to work with Eric Whitacre during a workshop a few years ago and all of his pieces he’s written are absolutely beautiful and chordgasmic.

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Feb 04 2014

Youtube Tuesday – Misty Mountains

I’ve probably posted this song before, but it’s an absolutely beautiful rendition of Musty Mountains from The Hobbit

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Nov 18 2013

Music Monday: Sturm Und Kong

This is one of my favourite remixes of a classic Donkey Kong Country 2 theme. Sturm Und Kong is part of an album that can be found on OC Remix and is also where many other remixed fan made songs can be found. Hope you enjoy!

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Jul 23 2013

Youtube Tuesday: Nothing To Prove – Geek Girls and the Doubleclicks

It’s been a while since we did our last Youtube Tuesday and I chose this video to support all those awesome geek girls out there! Rock on and keep being awesome!

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Jun 25 2013

Youtube Tuesday: Project X Zone

Enjoy the opening of Project X Zone – a dream crossover RPG game by Capcom, Sega and Namco Bandai released for the 3DS today in English!

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Apr 02 2013

Youtube Tuesday: CS Agincourt

I had completely forgot about this video til recently that a couple of my friends had made during their Victory Lap year, aka staying behind a year to take some extra grade 12 courses or upgrade marks. This is what was done during spare time between classes.

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Mar 26 2013

Youtube Tuesday: Legend of Cage

We have a video double header this Youtube Tuesday with Legend of Cage! If Majora’s Mask wasn’t scary enough for us when we played it as kids, the face of Nick Cage will do it!

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