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Theros and Beyond

theros preview

Magic’s up and coming block is Theros designed with Greek mythology theme in mind. Continue reading

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Poll: Which Is Your Favourite Starter Pokemon Of All Time?



Hey guys! With all the Pokemon games released out there since 1995, which one is your favourite starter?

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New TWEWY Game Headed To iOS

Well all that hinting and secrecy on a new TWEWY game, Square-Enix ruined the surprise on their own!

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Final Fantasy IV: Complete Collection making its way to Europe

Final Fantasy IV: Complete Collection is hitting store shelves in Europe on April 22, a few short days after the American release of April 19. It looks like it will be another solid RPG collection for the PSP.

(via Joystiq)

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The Last Story Localisation Killed by Sales?

As many fans of the RPG genre know, The Last Story is a Nintendo x Mistwalker production and many people had hoped for a localisation of this game for Europe and North America.

Sales for the first week were great for the game, and The Last Story was at #1 on the Japanese charts. But since then, they have dropped to 99,000 sold, down from the 118,953 that was sold during the first week. I’m hoping that the sales will pick up or at least stabilize at around this mark.

If you would like to see this game get localised, please sign the petition here!

(via Infendo)

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Dragon Quest X Info Coming Soon

The Wii exclusive Dragon Quest X will have some info that will be unveiled on Jan 21, 2011 when the popular Japanese “V-Jump” will have their next issue in about two weeks hitting store shelves. Since its announcement in 2009, info on this game has been nearly non-existent and I’m hoping this game will be good since I’ve been hearing good things about DQIX on the DS, which came out last year.

(via VG Tribune)

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