Q: How come I can’t log in to post comments or post in the forums?

A: If you have lost your password/login, click the link under the login stuff that lets you recover your password.

If you’re logging in for the first time, you should have received an email previously to confirm your email through a link. If you did not receive an email from us, check your spam box or contact us directly through email. Click that link to verify and don’t forget to change your password to something you can remember!

If you’re still having trouble with logging in, please contact our site admin at admin@brokenfuse.com


Q: How do I become a writer on Broken Fuse VG Blog?

A: We’re usually looking for new volunteer writers that are passionate about video games, TCGs, technology and geek culture in general! Send us a sample of your writing and a little bit about yourself to tips@brokenfuse.com!


Q: Do you have a mailbox for feedback and tips? And can I submit a guest article?

A: Yes we do! And we love getting feedback and tips of any sort from our readers! You can drop us a line at tips@brokenfuse.com or on Twitter! And as for guest articles, if it’s well written, witty and is chock full of geeky awesomeness, we’d be more than happy to feature it on our site!


Q: Does Broken Fuse VG Blog write about Video Games Tournaments?

A: We try to keep an eye out for them, but with a small team of mostly part-time volunteer writers, it’s hard to keep up with everything!


Q: Many of the events that are covered by Broken Fuse VG Blog seem to be in the Toronto, Canada and surrounding area?

A: The large majority of our writers reside in the Greater Toronto Area, so naturally the events closest to home get the most coverage! We’d love to go to bigger events like E3, PAX, BlizzCon and Comic Cons but we don’t have that kind of a budget or presence on the interwebs just yet!


Q: Are you on any social media sites?

A: We are currently on Twitter, Youtube, Google Plus and Facebook, although our Twitter feed is the most active of our social media feeds!

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