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Disney Closes LucasArts



Well it seems inevitable that LucasArts was not doing so great as of the past few years as games were hit and miss. Continue reading

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Merry Christmas From The Broken Fuse VGB Crew

Well we made it through another year here at Broken Fuse and we’d like to wish you a verry Merry Christmas for a great year here and in the gaming world!. Have fun gaming!

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Neurology of Gaming Chart

This chart of sorts describes some of the good and bad effects of gaming. I’ts definitely interesting what does come out of this modern hobby. I wonder what people will be saying about the effects of gaming twenty, fifty, perhaps even a hundred years from now? Hit the jump for the full sized chart on the Neurology of gaming! Continue reading

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Awesome Games Room

One can dream of having an awesome collection of consoles like this, no? Just make sure I don’t come across this fine collection or it’s gonna disappear off the face of the planet!

(Source: DeStorm Power’s Facebook Photos)

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Retro Gaming: A Retro-spective Look At Our Past

After the last podcast I just did with Markus, it got me thinking that we should go back to the classic. The talk about Pokemon going back to Generation One (Red,Blue and Yellow) and Two (Gold,Silver and Crystal) as Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time and then, I got the idea to play Super Mario Bros. 3 on the NES. Continue reading

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