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Markus Lai
Editor-in-chief & Podcast Host

If he isn’t fiddling around with the audio setup for podcasting or playing video games, he’s wandering somewhere in the mysterious lands of Toronto, Canada, doing photography and finding awesome food locations. His photography can be found on Flickr. Markus occasionally can be found writing at Infendo, a site dedicated to gaming on Nintendo systems. You can follow Markus on Twitter at @Verius

Harley Wang
Senior Editor

Harley is our resident PC Editor who happens to have an original mint condition GameBoy among other consoles kicking around in his collection. In his spare time if he isn’t playing, he tinkers and builds custom PCs for people.

James Plowman
Contributor & Animé/Manga Enthusiast

James is the resident animé and manga guru. He is sometimes known as Comeau as he (somehow) recognizes and knows way too many people (yes, he even knows you! :O j/k) while walking the streets of Toronto. James can be found on Twitter as @DarkBondMage.

Torrie Starfrost

Torrie is our resident Twitter RP and Doctor Who expert and Nintendo fan. She can be found on Twitter under the pen name of @Infindox

John Georgiou

John is the resident Xbox writer and go-to guy for all things Microsoft and Fire Emblem. Follow John on Twitter under the name of @neogeo84 for random shenanigans.

Petrija Dos Santos

Petrija is one of our resident writers and who’s an aspiring photographer and is currently taking a degree to get her to where she’s heading. When not doing photography, she’s playing a variety of games on the Wii and PS3

Kevin Lam
Contributor & TCG Guru 

The TCG guru of Broken Fuse. If he isn’t catching up on the latest sets and cards for Magic: The Gathering and YuGiOh, he can be found gaming.

Alex Papalexiou
Contributor & Nintendo Fan

Alex is the resident Nintendo and Zelda expert. Although Alex has been a long time Nintendo fan, he’s warmed up to Sony as of late and now owns a PS3 and his high school self (who got caught playing DS in the school library!) would be throwing wiimotes and nunchuks at his current self! Even though he hasn’t lifted a finger, writing wise, he can be found co-hosting some of our podcast episodes, although you gotta dig a bit as he tends to be a bit of a ghost! You can find Alex on Twitter as @AlexTheGhost1, although it may take him a while to approve your follow request, if at all.

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