The Last Story

The Last Story is a JRPG that has been in development for the past few years by Mistwalker Studio and is published by Nintendo for the Wii. It is as I would like to describe it as the definitive RPG for the Wii, even though it looks like it may become an exclusive release for Japan.

This game is being developed with the creator of the Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi and the soundtrack is done by the legendary Nobuo Uemastu, who has written many memorable pieces for the Final Fantasy soundtrack.

The main cast of characters have been revealed as Elza, who is the main hero, who lost his family as a young child and works as a mercenary to survive, but dreams of one day becoming a knight. Kanan is the main heroine of The Last Story. She is of nobility and is the neice of Count Arganon, but has a mysterious air around her. She also is an orplhan like Elza and she dreams of exploring the world, but is denied this privilege because she is of nobility. Quark is the leader of Elza’s mercenary group who negotiates contracts for their jobs and is like a brother to Elza since they have travelled with him since their youth. Yuris is the youngest member of their group but is very skilled in magic and uses mercenary work as a means of survival. Seiren is moodmaker of the group who has a foul mouth who drinks to match it. She enjoys fighting on the front lines, but is considerate to her allies even though her words may seem otherwise. Jackal is a mage who uses both ice magic and also swords. He is very easygoing and also has a thing for flirting, but really he likes to think and really cares for his friends and allies. Manamia is the healer of the group who has an affinity to the forest, since her birth may have had something to do with it. Count Trista is the former highest ranking officer in the Imperial Army and Count Arganon is the current ruling head of the island in which this game takes place in.

This game has a 6-player online coop that is available and looks like it is shaping up to be amazing game and in my opinion should be localized for Europe and North America. It has beautiful visuals and what looks to be a solid online multiplayer.

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