PSP Go and PS3 hacked to play game ISOs

This has not been a good few days at Sony. The PS3 and PSP Go have been both cracked and now able to play pirated games. So much for the PS3 for not being hackable.The PSP Go was done in by Liquidzigong, and was successful in making an ISO loader. The video above shows it running Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep, which was a UMD exclusive until this hack. In my opinion going all out on DLC was a bad idea on Sony’s part this generation on the PSP Go that killed the device.

While with the PS3, a hacking group known as failoverflow gained access to the root keys to the system, basically getting the keys to the front door to the PS3. Their most recent hack restores the Other OS functionality but it is the other function that changes the game. The hack allows PS3 users to play burnt games on Blu Ray discs with authentication, no matter what firmware is on the console.  Failoverflow says it will not release the firmware for the PS3 but will provide the tools to the community, which could be a nail in the coffin for the system being pirate-free.

Since these recent hacks on both their handheld and home consoles, the ball is on Sony’s court to get their firmware updated on their systems to block out piracy. Lets see how this thing plays out in the coming weeks and months between the hackers and Sony.

(via Ars Technica and Game Pro)

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