Major Japanese Publishers Help With Relief Effort

As most of you are aware by now, Japan was hit with a massive 9.0 Magnitude earthquake and a huge tsunami on March 11, 2011. Some of the big names in video games publishing in Japan are donating to help out with the relief efforts.

Nintendo is chipping in with ¥300,000,000, Namco Bandai with ¥10,000,000, Sega with ¥200,000,000, and Tecmo Koei with ¥10,000,000. Sony has donated ¥300,000,000 along with 30,000 radios to help with the relief effort. Also joining in is Capcom with a donation of ¥100,000,00 and the money from sales of SFIV on the iPhone and worldwide sales of SFIV for the weeks of March 15 and March 21 will be donated to relief efforts.

If you have the heart to donate  feel free to choose from the many charities out there that are helping with the relief effort.

And also Connect to Charity has a whole list of other charities we didn’t list heresince they have a pretty extensive listing on their site and I’m sure you would want to check out their page before putting money into a charity of your choosing to help out with the relief effort in the wake of the recent disasters in Japan.

(Donation numbers for listed companies via IGN and G4)

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