3DS: First Impressions

So I’ve had my hands on the Aqua Blue 3DS for the past three days and all I’ve gotta say is if you don’t have one or aren’t getting one soon, you better find a friend that has it or a demo unit and try it out! Two other authors from our site who I shall not name, still need to start writing *hint hint nudge nudge*hve had their minds asplode after playing the 3DS at the Toronto event or trying mine.

Here are my first impressions of this legendary device:

  1. Great build quality. It feels sturdy and has a good weight to it. The buttons feel like they’re meant to last a long time.
  2. The 3D screen is done right. Some games need a bit of adjustment with the 3D Slider but the concept is well executed. I have Street Fighter and PilotWings and had a chance to try Steel Diver and it gives you a heck of alot more perspective than any non 3D game can give you.
  3. The circle/analog pad is a great addition and also works with original DS games as well. It gives greater control over fine movements and feels right.
  4. Battery life kinda sucks. Nuff said.
  5. System Friend Codes are a great improvement over the Wii/DS Friend Codes for every single game.
  6. Audio can be a bit louder although I’ll be using headphones when I’m on the TTC (Public transit isn’t exactly the most ideal place for these speakers)
  7. The AR Cards and Face Raiders make good use of the 3D cameras and the Augmented Reality game concept. Kudos to Nintendo on making it work so well.

So far, I’m very satisfied and happy with my 3DS. Great games and software will make this another amazing couple of years for gamers, especially if you like your handhelds. I’ve barely scratched the surface of the 3DS and I’ll guarantee you’ll have a blast with this device!

So for those who have tried the 3DS or who already own one, what are your impressions on this device?

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