First StreetPass Encounter

I finally had my first StreetPass encounter yesterday. Ironically it was at an EB Games I was passing by in a small mall. For any local Torontonian you may recognize this EB Games is located in Woodside at Finch & McCowan. StreetPass is definitely a neat experience. I think that StreetPass does have a place here in North America, even though there are naysayers that say that it doesn’t work here cause of lower population densities compared to Japan.

It’s something neat and unique that Nintendo has cooked up here for sure,  (no pun intended even though my second encounter was at a restaurant) StreetPass is definitely getting gamers to bring their 3DS around more, especially for these chance encounters with others in some unlikely places like restaurants and grocery stores.

For any 3DS owners out there, where was your first encounter with StreetPass?

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