Gaming Saved My Bacon

Video games saved my bacon today in an indirect but very noticeable way. It could help you save the bacon that you’d eat at breakfast, but this bacon refers to me this time. And I’d be in huge trouble and not posting in a comfy couch right now if it wasn’t for video games.I nearly got into an accident due to an overzealous driver making a left turn on a rainy day and might not have seen me barreling down a 70 km/hr zone at 80 clicks. Thankfully I caught him turning at the last second when he decided to make that left turn and my video game reflexes kicked in and I slowed down and avoided a catastrophe. Here’s to those that say gaming never did any good for the average run of the mill gamer, this is a good example of how gaming can avoid accidents cause of better reaction speeds.

Any of our readers have cool stories of video games helping with their reaction time to save a plate of food that went airborne or saved their own skin cause of gaming?

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