The 3DS Experience: One Week In

It has been just over a week since I picked up my glossy Aqua Blue 3DS and all I’ve gotta say about the experience so far is that its really solid and fun. The gaming controls on it are really solid and I’m loving the AR Games that are included and also having a blast with Face Raiders which I think really helps the $250 price tag along.

The whole StreetPass and trading Miis is a great idea in my opinion and encourages us to have the 3DS with us all the time. Its an added value to the device and I think integrating it into games like SSFIV 3D and StreetPass Mii Plaza is genius and gets us all walking around, especially since walking with your 3DS earns you Play Coins that can be spent in-game for extra features and such. So far I’ve had 11 StreetPass Mii encounters and one on SSFIV 3D and unfortunately I barely lost that one by one match. There’s definitely alot of potential to what the 3DS can do for gaming with being more integrated with our lives, especially when on the go. I think that this will for sure encourage social gaming if the Wii and DS haven’t done so already. If you would like to download my Mii with the QR, it’s here!

I think that overall the 3DS is a great experience, even though the battery is lacking in a good lifespan per charge and is a bit of a soft launch right now. I’ve showed it to friends and family and for the large majority, minds have been blown away and are pretty enthusiastic about this new device and technology.

There’s still work to be done with creating new and innovative software for the 3DS and I’m sure that Nintendo, along with other devs and publishers will deliver in due time, along with its share of shovelware, as will any other system will have. I’m pretty excited for the Professor Layton x Phoenix Wright crossover, Ocarina of Time and Mario Kart 3DS to come out soon.

So readers, especially the ones that have one or tried one out, what are your thoughts on the 3DS and the whole experience of this handheld? And what games are you most looking forward to play on your 3DS?



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