3DS Gets A Steering Wheel

If you thought the Circle Pad Pro was a horrible 3DS add on, this one outdoes it by a long shot! The 3DS is actually getting a steering wheel attachment. This puzzles me alot since this is for a portable, right? And this looks horribly unportable, unless you happen to be lugging around a huge bag and want to get weird looks while playing in the public! It’s a neat add on but I think I’ll skip on using such an accessory unless I’m at home. The wheel should act much like the Wii Wheel and you’ll be able to snap it on and off easily. Although the L and R shoulder buttons on the 3DS Wheel aren’t visible, they are there. This Nintendo licensed Hori attachment lands on the same day as Mario Kart 7 does in Japan. We’ll probably be seeing this portable unfriendly addon sometime in the near future if it does make its way out of Japan.

(Source: 1UP)

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