[UPDATED!!] PS Vita’s Proprietary Memory Cards Will Eat Your Lunch AND Dinner!

Boy, are these cards going to eat up your wallet! I was never a fan of Sony’s proprietary memory card idea, especially because how much they costed, even for the PSP. The PS Vita’s proprietary memory card will run you up around $30 for 4GB, $45 for 8GB, $70 for 16GB and $120 for 32GB. I have no idea why Sony has opted for this when I can easily find a SD card with the same memory for a quarter or a third of the price Sony is asking for. I’m definitely grateful the PS Vita isn’t all downloadable cause we know how that went over with users. *cough*PSPGo*cough* Sony, if you can use a more common and cheaper memory card in your next redesign or next handheld, I’m sure many that are sitting on the fence will warm up to the PS Vita!

(Source: 1UP)

[UPDATE – December 9, 2011]

Gamestop has posted it’s prices for the PS Vita’s proprietary memory cards with four sizes ranging from 4GB to 32GB. The new prices for the memory cards are as follows.

  • 4GB – $24.99
  • 8 GB – $39.99
  • 16GB – $69.99
  • 64GB – $119.99
Gamestop also lists a few other PS Vita accessories that will be available as well.
  • PS Vita USB Cable – $14.99
  • Car Adapter – $17.99
  • Portable Charger – $49.99
  • PS Vita Travel Pouch – $19.99
  • In-ear Headset – $19.99
  • Charging Cradle – $19.99
  • A/C Adapter – $19.99
  • Card Case – $9.99
  • PS Vita Starter Kit – $29.99

(Source: IGN)

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