Could This Be The Official Zelda Timeline?

So apparently the official timeline for Zelda has been leaked and it’s confusing as hell. There’s some things I don’t agree with in this timeline although I agree with the Windwaker TL split though. Hopefully we get the Hyrule Historia book officially translated and sold here or a really good explanation to clear things up cause I’m sure we need a good explanation to make sense of the official timeline that was revealed earlier today.

Main Timeline

  1. Skyward Sword
  2. Minish Cap
  3. Four Swords
  4. Ocarina Of Time

Split 1: Link defeats Ganon – Childhood Branch

  1. Majora’s Mask
  2. Twilight Princess
  3. Four Swords Adventures

Split 2: Link defeats Ganon – Adult Branch

  1. Wind Waker
  2. Phantom Hourglass
  3. Spirit Tracks

Split 3: Link fails in Ocarina of Time

  1. A Link To The Past
  2. Oracle of Ages/Seasons
  3. Link’s Awakening
  4. The Legend Of Zelda
  5. The Legend Of Zelda II
So what do you think of this timeline, or do you think you have one that actually makes sense within the canon of Zelda?

(Source: ruliweb via Kotaku)

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