Nintendo Zone Experience

So if you’ve updated your 3DS to the latest firmware, you’ll notice that there’s a Nintendo Zone app that arrived with the update. I finally encountered one of those Nintendo Zones up here in the Great White North while perusing the games section of my local Best Buy.

It’s a neat little promo app for Nintendo to push out some neat trailers, trivia quizzes and other announcements through. I played through their Super Mario 3D Land and Pokemon Rumble Blast trivia quizzes while there and I found it kind of neat, although I find that there could be more widespread usage of this app, especially since the previous download centers for DS demos and promos were few and far in between in Canada. Besides that, Nintendo Zone is a nice little app that helps push info along for Nintendo. I just hope Nintendo makes full use of this app and expands it to be used in other places like McDonald’s, GameStop and other places where 3DS owners go to in large numbers.

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