Dark Ascension Event Decks Spoilers!

Dark Ascension event deck list is now spoiled on Wizards’ official website and there’s plenty of high valued cards to go around.

Event decks are 60-card decks meant to be played competitively straight from the box following the current Standard limited format. They are known to include some highly valuable cards. The two event decks this time will build on what the recent Magic set Dark Ascension has to offer.

The deck pictured on the left is “Gleeful Flames”. This is a typical red rush deck focusing on burning out your opponent. It has Devil creatures and brings older Goblin creatures to the deck which the Innistrad block does not have. This deck comes with two Inkmoth Nexus which is one of the most played card in Standard format (worth about $10 each).

The deck pictured on the right is “Spiraling Doom”. This is a black green deck which is heavy with creatures. It relies on “Undying” creatures (creatures that revives itself when it dies) and utilizes Birthing Pod (a very popular combo card) as a “toolbox” to search a creature from your library. Cards of value in this deck are Solemn Simulacrum – a popular artifact creature (valued at about $8), Beast Within, Hex Parasite, and Despise. Both event decks include 1 copy of Dismember – the most convenient creature removal card ever printed.

The full deck list is found in the link below: http://www.wizards.com/Magic/Magazine/Article.aspx?x=mtg/daily/arcana/902

Dark Ascension Event Decks arrive in stores February 24.

(Source: Wizards.com. All estimated prices retrieved from TCGplayer)

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