Catch Up With the Best of Yugioh GX!

Yugioh GX Ra Yellow Mega Pack is available today!

This new booster is a collection of the best GX era cards. Konami did attempt to reprint GX cards previously with Legendary Collection 2 but Ra Yellow is a more condensed set with many weaker cards removed while other cards have their rarities changed for ease of acquiring.

In this set, you will find Elemental Heroes, Destiny Heroes, Crystal Beasts, Six Samurai, Lightsworn monsters, and Gladiator Beasts. Cards to look out for include Dark End Dragon, and Thunder King Rai-Oh.

Ra Yellow Mega Pack comes with 11 cards per booster: 1 Rare, 1 Super Rare, 1 Ultra Rare, 1 Secret Rare and 7 Common cards. This means you’re guaranteed 5 rares- 4 of which are foils and the common cards are just as good.

(Source: Yugioh Wikia)

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