Biggest MIA Items From E3 2012

At E3, new announcements about hardware and games makes it easy for some things to go missing. Hit the jump to  find out what we think are the biggest things missing from E3!

  • Vitality Sensor – Seriously Nintendo, this would’ve been awesome for horror games! Guess it wouldn’t be too late to  put this on the Wii U!
  • Bioshock Infinite – A new trailer would’ve been nice
  • The Last Guardian – Hey Sony, we know it’s having some development issues, but mentioning it in passing would be nice!
  • Half Life 3 – ‘nough said
  • StarFox, Metroid and F-Zero – Some of these franchises deserves a good refresh/reboot, Nintendo. *wink, wink, nudge nudge*
  • Star Wars Battlefront III or a space combat simulator – LucasArts has been neglecting quality titles like Battlefront, Dark Knight, space flight sims like X-Wing vs Tie Fighter and Rogue Squadron for far too long. I know some of these titles have gone under cause of defunct studios like Factor 5 (Sony I’m looking at you for killing Factor 5 with LAIR!) It would be nice to see some good titles like those from the heydays come back.
  • Final Fantasy Versus 13 – Still very little info on it and it has been rumoured to be renamed to Final Fantasy 15
  • Prey 2 – This would’ve given the new Star Wars bounty hunter title Star Wars 1313 a run for it’s money
Is there any vaporware you wish you could’ve seen at E3 2012?

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