New Ways To Buy 3DS Games

3DS games for the most part have had the need to either be bought as a physical cartridge or as a full on DLC title. But a new article from Andriasang, Nintendo will be incorporating online retailers into their business plans. That means you’ll be able to buy your 3DS games four different ways:

  • The traditional way; through a store or online retailer and getting a boxed game
  • A direct download from the 3DS eShop
  • Buy a physical download card from a retail shop, which has a download code to be redeemed within 150 days
  • Buy a download card from an online retailer (no physical card), which must be redeemed within 150 days

So far, this is available for Japan, but I’d be surprised if Nintendo didn’t implement this strategy worldwide. Andriasang also reports that retail games are priced cheaper than the DLC version of the game with an online retailer listing New Super Mario Bros. 2 for ¥4,130, and the download version for ¥4,580. We’ll see how things shake out in due time.

(Source: Andriasang)

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