Miyamoto Surprised At Fans Wanting A New F-Zero

In a recent interview with Game Kult, Miyamoto questioned the need for a new F-Zero game. When asked why there hasn’t been an update since 2004 for the GBA, Miyamoto seemed surprised that fans were clamouring for a new F-Zero game. He made the opinion that the series hadn’t evolved much since it’s debut in Japan on the SNES since 1990.

Après un rapide sondage sur Twitter, l’un des jeux qui manque le plus aux joueurs français, c’est F-Zero. Personne ne comprend vraiment pourquoi Nintendo n’en a plus produit depuis 2004. Y a-t-il une chance que l’on revoie la série sur Wii U ?

(Grands yeux étonnés) Ca me fait extrêmement plaisir d’entendre l’opinion de Twitter, parce que depuis le premier épisode sur Super Nintendo, il y a eu plusieurs opus, mais je trouve que la série n’a pas beaucoup évolué. Je me disais que les gens devaient au contraire s’en être lassés. Du coup, j’ai envie de dire : merci beaucoup et essayez de patienter en jouant au mini-jeu F-Zero de Nintendo Land.
Je suis aussi très curieux et j’aimerais demander à ces gens : pourquoi F-Zero ? Qu’est-ce qui vous manque que l’on n’ait pas encore fait ?

Here’s a quick translation to English below if you aren’t familiar with the French language:

After a quick survey on Twitter, one of the game French gamers miss the most is F-Zero. Nobody really understands why Nintendo hasn’t made a new one since 2004. Is there a chance we can see it back on the Wii U?

Miyamoto: (eyes open wide) I am really pleased to hear Twitter’s opinion, because since the first game on SNES, many games have been made but the series has evolved very little.
I thought people had grown weary of it. I’d like to say: Thank you very much and try to wait by playing Nintendo Land’s F-Zero minigame.

I am also very curious and I’d like to ask those people: Why F-Zero? What do you want that we haven’t done before?

Well it looks like the only places we’ll see Captain Falcon in the relatively near future is in a new Smash Bros and Nintendo Land, which I think is quite a Falco Punch to the gut for those wanting a new F-Zero game.

(Source: Game Kult)

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