New March 2013 ban list

Yugioh players would want to start their deck adjustments for the new ban list. It is made official by Konami and is effective March 1, 2013.

This list is a lot quieter than the last but Konami did touch on some things that are better off left alone.


Cards that are banned: Sangan, Wind-Up Carrier Zenmaity

Ok this part is fair. Sangan was on the list way back, evaded it the past several years, and finally back to banned. Generic searching is very relevant and it can look up any floaters making it splashable in every deck with room for 1 more monster.  Wind-Up Carrier is just too easy to summon and too effective in starting an XYZ summoning spree. I think it’s a bit extreme to ban it.


Cards that are limited: Wind-Up Magician, One Day of Peace, Solemn Warning

Wind-Up are getting the hate this month. Another key Wind-Up card is severely crippled at 1 copy.  One Day of Peace at 1 is agreeable. This card makes stalling too easy at 3 and it gives free draw. Solemn Warning should’ve been at 1 a long time ago. It can be more versatile than Solemn Judgment only balanced by the life points cost.


Cards that are semi-limited: Thunder King Rai-Oh, Tsukuyomi, Advanced Ritual Art

I am most disappointed at Thunder King Rai-Oh semi-limited to 2 copies. In a search-heavy metagame, Thunder King’s role is to keep fast decks in check. The “special summon negating” effect isn’t even close to Royal Oppression’s level and it is 1-time only. Tsukuyomi and Advanced Ritual Art to revive older decks?


Cards that are unlimited: Blackwing – Kalut the Moon Shadow, Lumina, Lightsworn Summoner, Spore, Shien’s Smoke Signal, Mind Crush

Kalut and Spore should never have been on the list from the start. Lumina and Smoke Signal was uncalled for. Smoke Signal especially because now Six Samurai decks do not have as many opposing Thunder Kings to handle. Mind Crush is the unknown factor to me. We’ll see how effective Mind Crush at 3 really is.


Other Notes:

I really did feel that Black Luster Solder should’ve been banned this year. I also expected some Dark World and Mermail/Atlantean monsters to appear on the list as well. So far, we definitely see the downfall of Wind-Up decks and rise (return) of Six Samurai decks. Thanks for reading!

(Source:, yugioh wikia)


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