Nintendo Direct (NoA) 5.17.2013

Nintendo Direct

Nintendo Direct has some special announcements and details on their North American summer lineup for Wii U and 3DS.

-Sonic And Mario At The Winter Olympic Games  for the Wii U

-Will use WM+, Figure Skating and snowboarding, uses GamePad like curling to share strategy

-Some games like Cross Country Skiing/Rifle Shooting switch between GamePad and WiiMote

-On top of official events, Dream Events are built within the worlds of Mario and Sonic and offer moves that are unrealistic within real world physics.

-Mixed events that include skiing, bobsledding and skating in one course, which are not possible in real life Olympic Games

-Worldwide partnership with SEGA with a Sonic game: Sonic: Lost World, exclusive for Wii U and 3DS, more details prior to E3 2013

-Releasing Sega GameGear games for 3DS Virtual Console. Games being released soon include Crystal Warriors, Columns, Sonic The Hedgehog, Sonic the Hegehog 2, Sonic Blast, Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine, Defenders of Oasis, Tails Adventure, Shining FOrce II: The Sword of Hajya, Sonic Drift 2, G-Loc Air Battle, Sonic Labyrinth and Vampire: Master of Darkness.

-Zelda Oracle Of Ages/Seasons feature a Link System that unlock additional content, like a different final boss

-Regular price of $5.99 each on 3DS eShop, but will be on sale May 30-June 20 for $4.99 each

-Mario and Donkey Kong: Minis on the Move: puzzles created by others to keep people coming back with 3×3 to 7×7 grids to create new puzzles.

-Test and tweak puzzles

-Can look for puzzles by these search terms: Top Weekly, Friends, Random and Popular.

-Can be favourited from 0-3 hearts

-Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D on the 3DS has 8 new levels to be unlocked in New Mode or played in Original Mode with the difficulty of the original one on Wii.

-Each new levels based on worlds that they are based in.

-Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D hits store shelves May 24

-Animal Crossing New Leaf available June 9 in store and on 3DS eShop

-StreetPass Mii Plaza and SwapNote now have a Puzzle and new message/stationery respectively

Game and Wario headed to Wii U for 2-5 players

-Try to get Fronks onto the platform and score points and knock your friends’ pieces off

-Ninja twins, Kat and Ana are back with a puzzle game called Patchwork.

-Tests you in seeing where to put patchwork pieces to see pictures come out

-Kung Fu is an auto platforming game where you look at the tv and gamepad to get different perspective in what places you should jump in.

-Game launches June 23 for $39.99

Resident Evil Revelations

-Resident Evil Revelations is headed to Wii U with updated graphics and new content

-Inferno Difficulty makes for a new experience

-Hank & Rachel added to Raid Mode

-GamePad used as map and items (HUD)

-Off-TV mode and Pro Controller support

-Available May 21

New Super Luigi U

-Mario does not make appearance in this DLC and miultiplayer characters include Luigi, Blue and Yellow Toad and Nabbit

-Nabbit cannot power up with items but becomes invulnerable to enemies

-82 updated courses, unique Luigi gameplay

-Standalone New Super Luigi U game available on store shelves August 25

-Available June 20 and is $19.99 on eShop and $29.99 in stores

-Wonderful 101 will be available September 15

Pikmin 3

-Alph, Brittany and Charlie are the main characters instead of Olimar

-Mission is to collect fruit while of exploring planet to collect seeds

-After extracting seeds from fruit, it can be turned to juice for food for players

-Can only adventure from dawn to dusk as night is dangerous

-Can divide exploration between different characters

-If mistakes made, player can start day again

-GamePad acts as map

-Compatible with Wiimote + Nunchuk and GamePad

-Supports Off-TV Play

-Launches August 4


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