Magic 2014 Rule Change


New updated rulings particularly concerning the “legend rule” are taking place starting with Magic 2014. The new rules are effective July 13, 2013.

The Legend rule now does not “nuke” all other legendaries of the same name on the battlefield. Instead the Legend rule only concerns what the player controls on their side of the field (meaning you cannot cast Garruk Wildspeaker to suicide into your opponent’s Garruk Relentless). Second, you have a choice of which legendary creature to replace. The “replacing effect” is less devastating than the “nuke effect”. In a way, this can allow Commander and players in general to play the same Commander and have them both on each side of the field at the same time instead of both of them being destroyed by such a cheap method. The Legend rule has come a long way ever since the “the king of the hill effect” when Magic first started.

The land play rule now treats extra land plays as a bonus going turn by turn basis. Put simply, you only get one land play per turn and any extra land plays are applied after the standard one-land-per-turn. It seems pretty intuitive to me only you cannot use the bonus land play before the standard.

Sideboard ruling has been relaxed a great deal. A one-for-one swap between the main deck and the sideboard is not mandatory. You can add or take out cards so long as the deck is 60+ cards and the sideboard is not more than 15 cards. Yes, it is now legal to have a sideboard of less than 15 cards.

Indestructibility is now a keyword meaning it is part of an effect whereas before it is just a state of a card. It makes a lot more sense in situations where if a card will lose all abilities, it will now lose indestructibility as well.

What your take on the updates? Does this new rule change signal something about legendary cards and lands in the upcoming Theros block? Feel free to discuss in the comments.



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