Modern Masters Set Review

Arcbound Ravager

Arcbound Ravager

Players of Magic’s Modern format are in for a treat with a dedicated pack filled with goodies.

Set Name: Modern Masters

Format: Modern

Game: Magic the Gathering

Release Date: June 7, 2013


Modern Masters is a set compiled of some of the best Modern legal cards of all time. It is filled with money-cards and chase rares. A fair number of cards in the set are either really good or high demand at whichever rarity.



The top value cards of the set (besides Tarmogoyf and Dark Confidant) are:


Bridge from Below: A Future Sight rare found successful in Manaless Dredge decks. It doesn’t cost anything to use and it gives out zombie tokens continuously! It’s a highly sought after card that never saw reprint until this set.


Elspeth, Knight-Errant: The classic white planeswalker. It can help win games for just about any deck with white mana to spare in casting her.


Tidehollow Sculler & Vendilion Clique: Both tough to find creatures are control decks’ creature of choice. Both have similarly powerful hand control ability, convenient typing and good power/toughness for the mana cost which makes it worthwhile to construct an Esper deck (White/Blue/Black).


Kitchen Finks & Murderous Redcap: Both persisting creatures from Shadowmoor made their way for a long overdue reprint. At first they don’t seem like much but give it a try and you’ll see why they’re one of the most successful uncommon cards in Modern tournaments.


Lotus Bloom: Lotus Bloom can be viewed as the “Modern” counterpart of the most iconic Magic card Black Lotus. Even if it’s slower replica, it still holds its own in competitive play.


Who is this set for?

Modern players will see this set as the Modern format’s Core Set and will be a staple set for years to come. Commander and Legacy players will see this as the go-to set as well to catch up on any essential staples. Standard format players and budget players would probably want to leave this alone.



This set has really great value no matter which pack you pull. It is the dream Magic pack you’ve always wanted. Since Modern Masters cover cards from the Modern format, you also have diversity as opposed to single expansion sets so expect to see cards from several blocks such as Mirrodin, Champions of Kamigawa, Lorwyn, Shards of Alara, and many more. There are great Modern format cards to pull as well as some usable cards for Legacy too. With a guaranteed good rare and a foil card in every pack, you’re never going to be disappointed (for the price you pay anyways).



Modern Masters is strictly a reprint set so don’t expect any new cards. Another thing is the absurdly high retail price this set has. It is nearly double (or triple in some regions) the price of a standard booster pack giving it the impression of a “rich man’s pack”. Some cards included in the set are questionable whether they’ve been successful in Modern tournaments and others are more obscure choices.


Rating: All in all, it’s a really amazing Magic set celebrating the Magic cards that were released as far back as ten years ago (starting back with 8th edition core set). The high price for higher end cards can be costly but this is the chance to acquire some hard to find treasures at a reasonable price without having to rely on the secondary market. If the price is right, go for it as it’s not necessarily a “must have” for Standard players. If it’s too costly due to high demand, picking off select singles early into its release is the next best move.

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