Nintendo 2DS Announced

2DSNo, we’re not kidding! This is actually a thing! The 2DS will be launching October 12 alongside Pokemon X & Y and it sports the same screens as the original 3DS. The two colours available for the 2DS are blue and red and will be able to play all 3DS and DS games, albeit only in 2D, hence the name of the device.

The form factor is quite different, sporting a doorstop shape and the same button layouts, minus the start/select buttons being on the right side near the top of the bottom touch screen and does not have the clamshell design that Nintendo has been predominantly using since the GBA SP days. There is a sleep button to substitute the non-clamshell design. The 2DS will retail for $130 and if you’re looking to have this as a secondary unit for kids to use or to trade items/Pokemon, then you may want to look into this device, but either than that, you’ll be better off getting a 3DS/3DS XL for the full experience.

(Source: GameSpot)

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