Old Blue-Eyes is Back!

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Ask anybody who’s heard of Yugioh about what duel monsters there are and straight away, the icon that pops in their head is the Blue-Eyes White Dragon. The most popular duel monster finally got its own structure deck on September 13, 2013.

The Blue-Eyes White Dragon is so popular it received more alternate artwork than any other duel monsters out there. It was printed in every rarity (except Ultimate Rare) and it also spawned many counterparts sharing some of its traits. To date, no normal monsters have ATK points that exceeds the Blue-Eyes White Dragon.


The 41-card deck comes with 2 Ultra Rares and 2 Super Rares. The Ultra Rare being the Blue-Eyes White Dragon itself and its new exclusive Synchro version Azure-Eyes Silver Dragon. This new structure deck follows the LIGHT dragon build with plenty of LIGHT and Normal Monster supports while supplying synchro materials needed to summon Azure-Eyes as soon as possible.

The deck is not meant to be competitive like the Dragon Rulers we have today but it’s still a strong deck in a casual environment and plays out like the traditional Yugioh duel is meant to be played (playing Azure-Eyes is recommended but completely optional).


If you’re not into the whole Blue-Eyes craze, there are plenty of great reprints in this deck. Hieratic Dragon of Tefnuit, Honest, Trade-In, Cards of Consonance, Dragonic Tactics, and Fiendish Chain are all good cards to look for.


(Source: Yugioh Wikia)

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