A Link Between Worlds First Impressions

albwI know it’s been about a week since A Link Between Worlds has been released, but with exam and assignments piking up with the end of the semester, I think I would at least write a little bit of my first impression of the first three hours I’ve spent with the game.

The visuals are cel shaded and I think works well with the genre, especially with ALBW being a sequel to A Link to the Past. There are some key items in the game where you rent from a NPC that decides that he’s going to set up shop in your house and charge you rent for the items again if you do choose those items again out the shop in your house. I find this a bit annoying, though you can circumvent this a bit by saving at checkpoints and retracing your tracks.

Dungeons are full of puzzles to solve before you get to boss fights. Boss fights are fun but somewhat easy this early in the game. Controls for ALBW are easy to master and definitely won’t punish you like Zelda II. As long as you keep a level head and take breaks on puzzles that stump you and not throw a 3DS, you’ll be fine.

Overall first impressions are A Link Between Worlds is another fun entry into the Zelda franchise and

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