Yugioh January 2014 Ban List


Left to Right: Return from the Different Dimension, Magician of Faith, Sixth Sense

Left to Right: Return from the Different Dimension, Magician of Faith, Sixth Sense

In response to the growing pace of Yugioh’s competitive metagame, Konami will release quarterly ban list for the TCG. More info on the ban list below.

A new ban list is expected to take effect every January, April, July and October each lasting 3 months. While there are more lists to keep track of for your deck, changes are generally expected to be less.

Now Forbidden

Dragon Ravine – This is expected. Dragons are dominating the metagame with Dragon Ravine acting as a continuous Foolish Burial dumping ground. In addition it renders all other field spells obsolete.

Return from the Different Dimension – This card should’ve been gone a long time ago and the rise of Dragon Rulers was the last straw.

Self-Destruct Button – An oddball card at first look but it causes potentially limitless match draws, headaches for tournament organizers and judges alike and ultimately yields a default win to the user through the abuse of tournament regulation loopholes which ruins the experience of actually dueling. This card leaves a bad taste to anyone using this card or playing against it.

Sixth Sense – This should never have been allowed but I’m guessing Konami wanted to showcase its debut temporarily from its Joey’s World printing.

Now limited

Blaster, Tidal, Tempest, Redox – Was there any surprise? This is the perfect spot for them not causing them to be overly powerful but also not shutting out their access for those mono attribute decks that need the extra muscle.

Debris Dragon & Sacred Sword of Seven Stars – If Dragon Rulers never existed this would never happen. Debris Dragon is one of the core dragons that enable synchros like Star Eater. Still feel like overdoing it on Konami’s part.

Magician of Faith – I admit this was a surprise. The possibility of abusing its flip effect is still very real. If Monster Reborn and Heavy Storm were still on the list, you can be sure Magician of Faith will go back to being banned.

Divine Wind of Mist Valley – It looks like players are catching on to OCG’s infinite loop combo with this card. Wait and see.

Final Countdown – I can picture players using this and stalling with Ghostrick and the like. Also, stall decks received so many reliefs from the ban lists of 2012 and 2013.

Spellbook of Fate – Somewhat unexpected. Spellbook players are looking for alternative ways to win since Judgment’s banning. Spellbook of Fate is way too flexible with it being a “mini trunade”, “Book of Moon” or a “Black Luster Soldier” all in 1 quick play.

Now semi-limited

Chaos Sorcerer – I’ve lost track of how many times this card moved around all because of either Konami’s indecisiveness or this card being really dependent on the metagame state. I’m pretty sure it’s in every position at least once. Expect even more change around in the near future.

Lonefire Blossom – Plants need that extra support. It should never have been limited in the first place. No harm at 2.

No longer on the list

Archlord Krystia – I don’t think anyone’s going to use Krystia at 3 because dead draws and potentially locks its user out. That said, its effect is still very powerful. Krystia is under close watch.

Mezuki & Plaguespreader Zombie – This one I’m excited for. 3 Mezuki and 3 Plaguespreader means maximum graveyard recursion and potentially big plays for zombies. Perfect boost for this type.

T.G. Striker, Constellar Ptolemy M7, Fire Formation – Tenki – No apparent abuse. They shouldn’t have to be on the list.

Tour Guide from the Underworld – Why interfere with their money making card? Tour Guide at 3 will be ridiculous at first but should stabilize in the coming months…I hope.

I am surprised Vanity’s Emptiness is nowhere to be found on the list. It is the top trap shutting down virtually every deck. Maxx “C” and Effect Veiler (the dreaded hand traps) are also the top culprit on my list but didn’t appear. Skill Drain is something I expect to appear but apparently still fine at 3. Again, I felt it was time to retire Black Luster Soldier given the hint that Chaos Sorcerer is at 2 copies but that didn’t happen. I’m also waiting on Thunder King Rai-oh’s release from its limited status.

Overall, a big hit on Dragon Rulers (again) but they deserve it. The metagame was bland the past 6 months with a majority of players cloning this archetype, inventing new “hybrids” and still getting away with winning.

Meanwhile, the stream of banish effects doesn’t quite give “banish” its original meaning so much anymore. “Banish” actually translates to the “second graveyard” and that’s why Return from the Different Dimension became banned. Expect big things from zombies and fiends with Tour Guide and key zombies at 3 copies. Enjoy this list for the next 3 months!

(Source: Yugioh-Card.com)

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