Cyber Dragon Revolution

Cyber Dragon Nova

Cyber Dragon Nova

The beloved Cyber Dragon from the GX era makes a comeback with its very own structure deck complete with a new XYZ form.

The structure deck is a 40 card deck with 2 Extra Deck monsters.

The spotlight XYZ monster Cyber Dragon Nova can be tricky to summon but very rewarding. Cyber Twin Dragon is also included in this deck for its classic OTK (one turn kill) potential and still very playable out of the box. The new support cards- Cyber Dragon Core, Cyber Dragon Drei, Cyber Repair Plant, and Cyber Network – all play crucial roles in the new Cyber Dragon Deck.

Many duelists remembered Cyber Dragon as being the go-to staple during the GX days. Cyber Dragon centered decks were often OTK’s (one turn kill). In fact, it was so powerful several supporting cards were limited to one copy including Cyber Dragon itself.

Over the years, Cyber Dragon dropped in use and Cyber Dragon decks faded due to heavy competition with other machine decks. The occasional supports, numerous Cyber Dragon reprints, and Cyber Dragon’s move back to 3 copies were all attempts at keeping the theme alive. Hopefully this structure deck will be the last push it’ll need.

Cyber Dragon Revolution structure deck is available in stores February 7, 2014.

(Source: Yugioh Wikia)

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