April 1, 2014 Ban List Announcement

jar jar banned

Jar Jar Banned

Yugioh’s new list is revealed with a few adjustments.


Morphing Jar: Morphing Jar is the only card left capable of mass discard and drawing.

Morphing Jar # 2: It appears that Konami wants to crush empty jar decks. The Morphing Jars will join their banned friends Cyber Jar and Fiber Jar.



Coach Soldier Wolfbark: A card that ended up supporting Fire Fists for instant rank 4 XYZ summon. I hardly see any decks run more than 1 anyways (because of its outrageous price tag) so Fire Fists should remain relatively unaffected.

Mermail Abyssgunde: Mermails however aren’t so lucky. Abyssgunde is a card usually run in 2’s or even 3’s to exploit revivals. Mermails should have more than enough cards to make up for this.

Rekindling: This card had it coming for a while. Mass revival with minimal conditions and drawbacks helped Fire duelists win many undeserved victories.

Infernity Barrier: Sure it’s a popular card and probably the main reason to use the Infernity engine but I didn’t expect Konami to find this a big enough problem to place it limited.



Necroface: There are a number of Necroface loops. Maybe to promote zombie use too?

Hieratic Seal of Convocation: Wasn’t this on the list before and removed? Expect this card to have another temporary stay. Rather, Fire Formation – Tenki should’ve been here instead.



Magical Stone Excavation: There’s no reason for this card to be on the list. Magician of Faith is available too. Possible Morphing Jar combo pairing is impossible now.

Primal Seed: It could create a minor loop but not many duelists bother trying to exploit this card.


The four Dragon Rulers should be banned but they are not. The reason is because they are popular enough to get their own tins and at 1 copy each, it remains a manageable power creep standard. I expected a hit on Geargiarmor or Geargiagear because of Geargia’s OTK potential but that didn’t happen. Lastly, I mentioned before that Fire Formation – Tenki should be at 2 or even 1 to balance the power of Fire Fists and Bujins.

For those following the Japanese OCG format the list goes as follow


Wind-Up Hunter

Ultimate Offering



The 4 Dragon Rulers

Wind-Up Carrier Zenmaity



Dark Armed Dragon

Sacred Sword of Seven Stars



Dark Strike Fighter (with new errata text to “once per turn”)

Tour Guide from the Underworld

Torrential Tribute


There’s not much to say here. This is after the February list where they allowed Cyber-Stein at 1, Honest at 2, and Gladiator Beast Bestiari, Gorz, and Neo-Spacian Grand Mole at 3 copies. Meanwhile, Elemental Hero Bubbleman is limited to 1 which raised some eyebrows. I’m actually more satisfied with TCG’s list this time around.


Well now that Empty Jars are crippled, duelists can worry less about being decked out. Moving forward, we can expect great things in the next 3 months. With Primal Origins, I think the Artifact archetype usage will start to rise. Meanwhile Bujins and Sylvans will remain at large to compete with the likes of Gravekeeper’s, Geargias, Chaos, Fire Fists, and Mermails. Personally, I hope the Onomatopoeia archetypes (Gagaga, Gogogo, Dododo and Zubaba) will become a popular choice. We’ll also have to see how the new Yugioh Arc-V’s Pendulum Summoning mechanic will affect the duels to come.


The list will be effective April 1 to June 30, 2014.


Source: Yugioh Wikia

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