New 3DS And 3DS XL Announced

3DSNintendo has unveiled new 3DS models featuring a second directional slide pad and trigger as well as NFC support.  Simply known as the “New 3DS” and “New 3DS XL”, these models are reported to have an imroved screen, increased processing power, better battery life, and will have a better viewing angle of the 3DS’s 3D effects.

The refreshed system will keep the same form factor and size and will include a MicroSD slot. Since this unit will sport built-in NFC, the NFC accessory will be for current models out on the market. No news yet if these new models will leave Japanese shores, but I suspect they will eventually.

New 3DS firmware update will be up soon and you’ll be able to change your 3DS themes, though Classic Mario and ALBW are the only ones that have been seen so far.

Source: IGN

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