Pokemon GO Gets Companion Messaging App

The world of Pokemon Go is getting a companion app called Campfire to make organizing meetups, message other players and to see important features like gyms and active raids. The app is scheduled to launch this summer and will also connect with other Niantic games like Ingress.

The app is part of Niantic’s vision of a real world metaverse to overlays apps into the real world through smartphones and in the future may include wearables like AR glasses. But for now, Campfire will help connect more players together that will complement other messaging apps like Discord.

Some highlighted features include an overlay map with PoGo features (raids/gyms), finding nearby players for raids and a messaging feature that can share your current location and group chats. This helps to make PoGo more family friendly as Campfire will be a standalone app and the game will not have messaging built in.

Source: Eurogamer

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