Review: HiQuick AA/AAA Battery Charger

AA/AAA battery usage may not be as common as in the past, but can still be useful. We’re reviewing a AA/AAA battery charger from HiQuick that’s USB powered!

There are still uses for AA/AAA batteries, though not as common as in the past. And it helps with the environment if you have rechargable ones. Conveniently this charger is compact and measures approximately 12.5 cm by 8 cm by 2.6 cm. It can take either USB C or MicroUSB inputs and is recommended to only have one cable plugged in at a time. I picked it up for $

The design is sleek and compact with a white plastic body and a blacked out plastic display with green charge indicators. The charger is solidly built with no creaking or loose parts. This charger will take both AA and AAA size batteries that are NIMH or NI-CD rechargeable. I’ve used it for about a month and it’s reliably charged up 8 batteries at a time with no heat issues and has had no hiccups. The fact it takes USB power inputs makes it convenient for those who want something more compact and portable as I would suspect you could supply the power with an external battery pack/power bank or even a solar panel if need be. My only nitpick for the unit is that the charge display could be a bit smaller and the thickness at 2.6 cm could be slimmed down by 0.5 to 0.75 cm, but that’s a very minor issue.

Otherwise, it’s a nice and compact AA/AAA battery charger that can be used with USB charging cables instead of the built-in plugs or proprietary cables of old. It is a bit of a niche product, but would recommend getting either this or a similar one for those who need a battery charger for AA/AAA batteries and is compatible with USB cable charging.

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