Jul 05 2012

What are your favourite handheld games to travel with?

Since it’s summer and travel is quite common during these months, what are some games you like to travel with? I usually pack in a Pokemon and Mario Kart game as a travelling staple.

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  1. My 3DS, has 21 games already packed in at all times! =) (10 GBA+10NES+Game demos+Four Swords Anniversary Edition).
    But if I wanted to play something outside of them (which I often do), Resident Evil:Revelations (should be nominated for GOTY 2012), Kid Icarus Uprising, Dead or Alive Dimensions, and Super Street Fighter 4 3D Edition. Sometimes Pokemon (of some sort), Castlevainia (of some sort from DS), on occasion Mario KartDS/MK 7. Last summer mostly Pokemon White, Castlevania OOE, and Wario Ware DIY, and on occasion Mario Kart DS.

  2. Mario Kart usually. Or nothing since its a vacation meaning a break from gaming.

  3. @ Kevin, which Mario Kart? DS or 3DS version?

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