What are your favourite handheld games to travel with?

Since it’s summer and travel is quite common during these months, what are some games you like to travel with? I usually pack in a Pokemon and Mario Kart game as a travelling staple.

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  1. My 3DS, has 21 games already packed in at all times! =) (10 GBA+10NES+Game demos+Four Swords Anniversary Edition).
    But if I wanted to play something outside of them (which I often do), Resident Evil:Revelations (should be nominated for GOTY 2012), Kid Icarus Uprising, Dead or Alive Dimensions, and Super Street Fighter 4 3D Edition. Sometimes Pokemon (of some sort), Castlevainia (of some sort from DS), on occasion Mario KartDS/MK 7. Last summer mostly Pokemon White, Castlevania OOE, and Wario Ware DIY, and on occasion Mario Kart DS.

  2. Mario Kart usually. Or nothing since its a vacation meaning a break from gaming.

  3. @ Kevin, which Mario Kart? DS or 3DS version?

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